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Weight Loss

Clinical Guidelines for Weight Loss

"Nothing is Optimal In Isolation"

Many people choose to tackle weight gain and the sluggish metabolism that goes with it using some type of diet and exercise program. These are excellent tools. However, there are other techniques that can make your weight loss goals easier to achieve, and will contribute to greater overall health.

One of these techniques is Colon Hydrotherapy. Colon Hydrotherapy addresses two of the most important causes of weight gain: a sluggish liver and stagnant lymph flow. The liver is the largest internal organ in the body, weighing between three and four pounds, and it is the major fat-burning organ. When we eat the wrong foods, the liver will actually produce more fat and store the excess. According to Kristina Amelong, Certified Colon Therapist, “When you diet, you release toxins into the colon that are reabsorbed by the liver. This is one of the factors that makes you crave the foods that you are trying to stay away from.” When we cleanse the liver directly through colon therapy, liver metabolism improves and we start burning fat more fully. As liver function improves, so does energy. More energy results in a domino effect: we naturally feel like moving and exercising more which leads to improved muscle tone and more metabolically active muscles, which in turn burn fat on a continual basis.

The second factor of weight gain is lymphatic stagnation. Stagnation is also easily addressed by colonics. The lymphatic system is a network of delicate vessels spread throughout the body which transport a clear milky fluid that carries cellular waste to the colon and kidneys for elimination. This system is literally the body’s sewer system and needs to be kept clear and flowing. It has a tendency to stagnate when its consistency becomes thick with cellular debris, toxins, bacteria/ viruses and dietary fats. According to Isake Lockett, Colon Therapist and Medical Esthetician, “this thickened lymph easily stagnates and can contribute not only to fatigue and malaise, but also to weight gain, especially around the abdomen, hips and buttocks. The stagnation may also cause water retention with cellulite”.

As mentioned earlier, the lymph’s main job is to remove the waste created during biological processes. After the waste is processed by the kidneys, it empties into the small intestines, passes into the large intestine, and out of the body with the feces. When the intestinal walls are impacted, the lymph system retains and continuously recirculates the cellular waste. The prolific number of lymph nodes in the abdominal region are also forced to become storage points for the waste. The clear fluid becomes cloudy and thick, gradually changing in consistency from watery to milky to a curd-like consistency. In addition to being cosmetically unappealing and encouraging weight gain, lymph becomes a health threat. This toxic waste is the ideal environment for the onset of numerous illnesses, including cancer. Colonics help keep the intestinal walls clear of impactions, which allow the lymph vessels to function normally.

What exactly is a Colon Hydrotherapy treatment? It is a gentle washing of the large intestine with purified water. The client is asked to lie on a massage table. The colon hydrotherapy machine slowly moves water into the colon, and then releases the water and any waste into the plumbing system. As the water is released from the body through an illuminated glass viewing tube, the abdominal area is thoroughly massaged. This process is repeated during the 30-45 minute treatment. One session uses approximately 30-45 gallons of water. To insure maximum sanitation reputable centres like the Optimal Health Center use all disposable equipment. The process is completely comfortable, time tested, professional, and a dignified way to take care of your digestive centre.

Colon cleansing, along with diet and exercise, is an excellent tool to achieve and maintain your ideal weight. As you move waste out of your body more quickly, and often more efficiently with colonics, you feel better, shed excess pounds, clean up lymph, and lose lumpy cellulite. This in itself will increase the motivation to stick to your weight loss program.

Written by Isake Lockett

Colon Hydrotherapist